Hidden Benefits Of Baby Oil For Adult

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reason baby oil is very good for beauty
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Baby oil is generally a oil earmarked by the baby. Baby oil made of the content of the material is very soft so it is safe to use by the sensitive baby's skin. Baby oil has the main function to moisturize the skin of a baby who is still sensitive.

Hidden Benefits Of Baby Oil For Adult

On the other hand, baby oil turned out to have a function for beauty. One reason baby oil is very good for beauty namely baby oil made of natural materials and friendly to the skin. In addition formulas and its fragrance is typical makes its own sensation.
For those of you who've yet to feel the benefits of baby oil, is now obliged to try the baby oil. Why? Because baby oil save the beauty benefits as follows:


If you have sensitive skin and tend to dry, you are obligated to try the baby oil as moisturizer. Baby oil gives a soft and moisturized without making the skin becomes reddish. The best time to apply the baby oil is after a bath, when skin pores are still open so that baby oil is easily permeated the skin. How to Use any easy enough just a DAB of baby oil then roll out in the skin. And feel the softness of the skin which is different after you put baby oil.

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Clean the rest of the makeup

Baby oil can also clean up the rest of the makeup in a way it is safe and does not create a pore clogged. Applying in cotton and use to clean the rest of the makeup in the face. Slowly with light and rotating movement, then the rest of the makeup in cotton will stick perfectly.
proper baby oil be used as a suitable replacement for massage
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Replacement massage oil

Baby oil can be used as a substitute for massage oil. In addition, baby oil has a characteristic aroma and is a good lubricant. Therefore proper baby oil be used as a suitable replacement for massage. Baby oil helps reduce wrinkles in the skin and soften. So the effect is multiplied and not only helps the lubrication only.

Shaving cream substitute

If you do not find comfortable for shaving cream, you can use baby oil. Baby oil will help to soften and protect the skin so that it is not exposed to a sharp razor. Shaving will be fun activities as well as cleaner.

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Treating stretch marks

If you feel offended by the existence of stretch marks on the skin, we recommend you try the following way: with a applying baby oil to the parts that are exposed to the stretch marks every day, then slowly the skin will be more refined as well as stretch marks is starting to disappear.
After learning the other side of the Baby oil it turns out you can take advantage of to beauty, now there is no harm if we start trying to prove it. Good luck.
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