Benefits of Eating Raw Quail Eggs

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benefits of eating raw quail eggs
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Benefits of Eating Raw Quail Eggs - Egg is the famous chicken eggs, but it is not just chicken eggs consumed by many people but there is also a duck egg. Quail eggs is not so popular because it is small, and the price is not too cheap, when compared to chicken eggs. That is why people prefer chicken eggs than compared these eggs. But the benefits of quail eggs are very useful for health. Efficacy and benefits of quail eggs

Quail eggs

Recognition at a glance

However, you can find quite easy quail eggs in traditional markets and modern supermarket. Although not so popular, many people who were also hunting quail eggs for them to eat, because it feels different when compared with chicken eggs and duck eggs, there is a unique distinctive flavor that can not be found in chicken eggs and duck.

Quail eggs can be found with ease also in the shop, for a version that has been cooked with spices. Actually, these eggs are also the same as the eggs of other birds, you should not underestimate perspective, because the nutrients of quail eggs are also quite cute, and good for health. When compared with chicken eggs, the nutritional content is found to exceed the nutrient content of eggs, that you must know. So for those of you who might not otherwise be interested in this little egg, will have a different view after reading the article tips health benefits as a whole quail eggs. Let's read more about quail eggs for skin treatment

Nutrient content and cholesterol

Although it has a miniature, but rich in minerals and vitamins. With consumption of quail eggs, your need for nutrients will be met, and the level of your health will also increase significantly. Quail eggs also rich in good cholesterol also known by other terms HDL cholesterol, and instead of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. In more detail with nutritional content, this egg comprising:

  • vitamin B2
  • vitamin A
  • Protein (Protein on quail eggs 2% higher than the protein content of chicken eggs)

benefits of quail eggs during pregnancy
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Quail eggs for health benefits

The first benefit of quail eggs that meet the needs of the body's calcium, because calcium content of quail eggs was high, good for bones and teeth as well. Benefits of both the quail eggs to increase the level of hemoglobin levels for your body.

The third benefit of eating quail eggs namely to boost the immune system (antibodies), in addition to the body's metabolic processes will also be improved with regular consumption of this little egg per day. Metabolic processes are both positive lead on stamina is maintained continuously throughout the day, you can perform daily activities with more vigor not easily tired and stressed.

How quail egg consumption for gout sufferers

A further benefit is safely eaten by people with gout or also known as Gout. Patients with gout it has done nothing forbidden to eat quail eggs, because the eggs have a low purine content, but nevertheless should remain limited and no more.

Same with the consumption of chicken eggs, where the gout sufferer should only consume 3 eggs just eggs per week, as well as the consumption of these eggs. That should get more attention than the more dangerous quail meat consumption by patients with gout or uric acid, when compared with eating quail egg itself. Quail eggs also contain HDL cholesterol is good for health. Likewise reviews that we provide do not forget to share to social media so that your family and friends well know, may be useful.

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