Benefits of Soursop leaves for health and beauty

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Benefits of Soursop leaves for health and beauty
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Benefits of Soursop leaves for health and beauty - Soursop is a plant originating from the Caribbean, Central America and South America. In several places in Indonesia, soursop are also known as manalika. In addition to the fruit are tasty, soursop leaves also has many benefits for health. Want to know what are the benefits of soursop leaves? yuk we read further!

23 benefits of Soursop leaves for health and beauty!

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Did You Know?

It turns out the soursop leaves 10,000 times more powerful content and benefits of chemotherapy in preventing and treating cancer. It's been proved upon research done by scientists.

Around 1965, a variety of studies scientists prove that the content of soursop leaves cures better than chemotherapy, even those extracts may slow down the growth of cancer.

The National Cancer Institute has been conducting a scientific research result asserting that soursop leaf stems and effective to attack and destroy cancer cells in the body. This occurs due to the very high compound proactive in soursop leaves for our bodies. The compound is a compound rare/hard-found on other plants.

Even the State Korea has also been doing research on soursop leaves and they discovered a chemical compound which acts selectively kill colon cancer cells as well as 10,000 times more potent chemotherapy drugs that are found in the soursop. However, which turned out to be behind these compounds selectively target cancer cells choose so as not damage healthy cells. []

From the few studies that have been conducted by scientists, it was discovered the range of benefits of soursop leaves. Want to know what? Please refer to the full range of benefits of soursop leaves for health:

benefits of Soursop leaves for health
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The benefits of Soursop leaves for health

  1. Prevent and cure cancer
  2. Prevent and cure of cancer of the breast, prostate, lung, pancreas
  3. Capable of inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria
  4. Helps inhibit gene mutation
  5. Help inhibit the progression of the virus
  6. Help inhibit the development of parasites
  7. Help inhibit tumor growth
  8. Help relaxed muscle
  9. As anti-depressant drugs seizure
  10. Helps relieve pain
  11. Able to suppress inflammation
  12. Lowering blood sugar levels
  13. Lowering fever
  14. Lowering high blood pressure
  15. Strengthen nerves
  16. Help nourish the heart
  17. Help improve the production of breast milk on it's pregnant
  18. Help dilate blood vessels
  19. Kill the worm
  20. Reduce stress
  21. Strengthen digestion and increases appetite
  22. Inhibits wrinkles skin
  23. Treating boil
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How to treat Cancer with Soursop Leaf

Provide 10 sheets soursop leaves an old (dark green), then boiled with 3 glasses of water and wait until the remaining 1 cups. After that drink 2 times per day for 2 weeks/until your illness completely healed. To find out if there are any developments or not, please do a consultation with a doctor.

How to treat Wounds with Soursop Leaf

Provide soursop leaves to taste, then mash until smooth, or it could be blended. After that attach on the skin that get boil.

How incredible, isn't it? For those of you who have a family member who is suffering from cancer, maybe this soursop leaves therapy could be the solution. Try to regularly consume of water decoction of leaves of the soursop, while do it checks to a doctor so you can find out how its development. Who knows it can be cured without costly fees.

That's information about 23 Properties and benefits of Soursop leaves For health and beauty. Hopefully this article can provide benefits. We are sorry if there are still deficiencies in writing and so on. Thanks
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