20 Benefits of Natural Stone for Everyday Life

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20 Benefits of Natural Stone for Everyday Life
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20 Benefits of Natural Stone for Everyday Life & Industry - Throughout history, natural stone has been one of the main construction materials worldwide. It offers timeless elegance and durability in every building. This makes its use as one trend that continues to spike.

As one of the main construction materials, natural stone high regard because it reflects the character, stability, and luxury are unique. Variations in color, pattern and texture of natural stone is very natural, and because it comes from the earth, as well as the composition of the materials that are environmentally friendly, made of natural stone more visually appealing.

Benefits of Stone

Benefits of the use of natural stone compared to the others:

Natural stone

  • Natural stone has a variety of colors, patterns, and texture.
  • Natural stone has a long durability
  • Natural stone is also environmentally friendly. Natural stone is not toxic, does not contain chemicals are mixed during the process of excavation or fabrication. The properties of the rock is still pure, and it does not contain substances that are harmful to the earth and health.
  • Natural stone is a unique natural wealth. No one can imitate it, because the natural stone extracted directly from the earth and not the result of man-made. Many things affect the primary colors and natural stone, such as underground springs, mineral deposits, shifting earth, temperature, natural remedies on earth, and the pressure element from time to time. There is no way to duplicate the natural factors in any laboratory.
  • Natural stone can be obtained at an affordable price. In addition, natural stone requires only simple maintenance and it can last longer, making it as a lifetime investment.
  • Because it has long durability, how to care is easier.

Types of natural stone

Natural stone can be divided into several types, appearance and characteristics are determined by how or where the rocks were formed, for example by rivers, volcanoes, tectonic mountains, and others.

Each type of natural stone has its own uniqueness, no one can mimic the composition and strength in it. This means that natural stone of a kind same can also vary.

Judging from its commercial purposes, natural stone can be divided into several groups, namely:

Granite, is a magmatic rock that occurs due to the cooling of magma deep in the earth's crust. Some of them also come from metamorphic created by the transformation of existing magmatic rock under high pressure, such as occurs during the development of the mountains.

Marble stone, a metamorphic rock that occurs from and sedimentary rock composed of calciferous particles (calcite). Marble is a natural stone that is relatively homogeneous, because it is relatively easy to do, and consists of a wide variety of different colors, such as red, white, pink, and so forth. It can be applied in the building industry such as floors, stairs, fireplaces, and so forth.

Limestone, a sedimentary rock that occurs because of the accumulation and compression of fossils or stone fragments, such as quartz and calcium. Limestone has a soft texture and easy to use. It can be applied both for indoor and outdoor. This type can be used for flooring, fireplaces, statues, and much more.

Basal, a magmatic rock that occurs from molten magma cooling processes in the Earth's surface. Because the cooling happens very quickly, the minerals in the rocks undergo a process of crystallization. This is why these rocks have a smooth texture, non-porous, hard and durable. These rocks are usually applied in both indoor and outdoor, such as for the manufacture of floors, walls, and so forth.

Slate, is a type of natural stone formed by different types of clay. These rocks have a layered structure. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor flooring, as well as wallcoverings.

In addition to the above classification, natural stone can also be differentiated according to scientific classification, namely:

Magmatic rock, which is a natural stone that occurs on the cooling of molten magma.

Shale, which is a natural stone that occur from compression of loose fragments of existing stone or by the deposition of lime particles in water.

Metamorphic rocks, which is a type of natural stone that occurs due to the transformation of magmatic or sedimentary rocks with pressure under high temperature.

Benefits of Natural Stone In the field of building construction
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Benefits of Natural Stone In the field of building construction

1. For the application of the exterior of the building.

Because it possesses a natural, natural stone is ideal for exterior applications. It does not require special care, thus making a lifetime investment. Some of the exterior use of natural stone including building fa├žade, walls, stairs, walkways, monuments, statues, monuments, parks, park benches, and many other applications.

For building interior applications. Natural stone gives the impression that the building is more prominent and beautiful. Many people believe that natural stone has a high quality and value. Some interior use buildings such as office building lobbies, bathrooms, floors, walls, tables, and much more. Paving. The use of natural stone can also be applied to the construction of sidewalks or paving.

Benefits of Stone In the field of health
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Benefits of Stone In the field of health

Here are some of the benefits of natural stone that has been investigated by a number of experts and specialists in the field of health, geology, up to the therapist:

Can get rid of toxins in the body.

Researchers have stated that some types of natural stones such as ruby, quartz, onyx, and jade has the ability to remove toxins in the body.

Improving energy.

Several types of natural stone is believed to provide the effect of increased energy in the body, so it can help the body to not feel tired quickly and boost morale.

Overcoming sleep disorders.

Types of natural stones such as tourmaline is believed can overcome insomnia or difficulty sleeping

Improve concentration.

Some researchers in the field of geoscience stated that one type of natural stone called sapphire can give the effect of increasing blood circulation to the brain, which can help improve concentration and memory for the wearer.

Overcoming the problem of impotence.

Quartz is one type of natural stone that is believed to influence the rate of reproduction in women, improve the quality of the marital relationship, and is able to override the problem of impotence.

Overcoming depression.

Sapphires are also believed to override the problem of depression, give effect to calm and relieve anxiety.

Benefits of Stone In the field of beauty
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Benefits of Stone In the field of beauty

Some of the benefits of natural stone for beauty treatments, among others:

  • Make skin whiter. Facial using natural stones such as diamonds believed to whiten the skin, overcome the problem of sensitive skin, dry skin, blackheads, and strechmarks.
  • Softens and moisturizes the skin. Natural rock types sapphire is trusted able to give a soft impression and keep the skin moist. The way to apply is to be used as a facial.
  • Prevent premature aging. Facial using natural stone emerald types, namely natural stone is green, ruby, amber and is believed to help supply energy to the skin and as an antidote to free radicals that can damage skin. This could serve to prevent premature aging, as well as make the skin more elastic.
  • Treating acne. Natural stone types emerald and onyx stone are also believed to reduce the oil content in the face, which in turn can help the treatment of acne.

Benefits of Stone in agriculture

Natural rocks such as limestone or limestone contains calcium carbonate compounds that are beneficial to the fertility of the soil and plants. It can be used as a base for the manufacture of fertilizer. This natural stone can help neutralize the pH and adjust the level of acidity in the soil according to crop needs.

In addition to limestone, marble was also able to provide benefits for agriculture, because of the content kalsiumdioksida capable of reducing the level of acidity in the soil.

Benefits of Stone in the field of livestock

Limestone is also a good source of calcium for livestock. For that he was often used as a mixture of food in these animals. Other types of natural stone that can be used as an animal feed ingredient mixture is marble. The content of calcium in the stone is believed to provide extra calcium necessary for egg production in chickens, as well as milk production in cattle.

Benefits of Stone in the field of industry

Benefits of natural stone can also be used as the basic material industries such as cement-making industry, carbide, glass, bleaching agents, soaps, ceramics, and much more.
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