Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair for Pregnant Woman

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Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair Female
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Shaving pubic hair while pregnant, Good or not?

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair for Pregnant Woman - There is still a lot of pros and cons as to whether or not it needs to be shaved pubis, or we know with pubic hair, while the mother was pregnant. This thought also sometimes comes to mind some pregnant women their birthing time approaching. So, is it permissible to shave pubic hair while pregnant?

What are the benefits of pubic hair?

The presence of the pubis hair is an indication that Your reproductive organs mature. Some literature also says that hair pubis function in protecting Your genital organs. Shaved pubis with the wrong technique can lead to injuries that could potentially be a good medium for the growth of germs. Aside from the injuries, the use of razors that are not sterile is also capable of triggering the onset of infection.

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Shaving the pubis hair for woman
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The benefits of shaving the pubic hair while pregnant

Up to now, shaved pubis is the right of every person. In pregnant women, there is some purpose why he shaved his cock while pregnant, of whom:

A more hygienic birthing

Shaving the pubis hair for woman is believed to be able to make labor more hygienic and reduces the potential for exposure to infection. So shaved pubis before labor has become standard procedure at hospitals, both when the mother gives birth to a normal or with caesar.
A study suggested that shaved pubis is more than 48 hours before performing the operation. It is because such research concluded that shaved pubis may increase the risk of infection when a medical action to take place, because the likely led to cuts when shaving.

Prevent hampered bleeding pospartum cleanup

Bleeding pospartum common 3 to 10 days after birth. On bleeding pospartum, usually there is a network of the placenta and the blood were carried away. Some mothers choose do shave hair pubic before labor, in order to prevent obstruction of blood cleansing. But some of the other moms find that shaved pubis, especially when it is done by others, it is embarrassing.

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risk of shaving pubic hair while pregnant
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The risk of shaving pubic hair while pregnant

Molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection that later spread through sexual activity. This infection can give the sensation of itching that disrupts until bumps and contagious through direct contact with infected skin. A study conducted by the CDC to 30 patients of infection was revealed that 93 percent of these patients never shear their pubis.
A professor of Dermatology University of Rochester, Mary Gail Mercurio, later supporting the research results as saying that he found many of his patients are infected with the disease and have a history of shaved pubis.
In other words, two of the research agree that shaving the pubis hair increases the risk of transmission of infection. But a study conducted by Vittorio Basevi recently thus did not find a connection between shaved pubis with the transmission of the infection.
As has been mentioned above that shaving pubic hair while pregnant still became the mother of current, during epilation performed with techniques that are safe. Still the existence of disagreements and lack of results of the latest research, leading to the existence of a definitive answer yet are allowed to shave her pubic hair while pregnant.

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